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The staff lottery is managed by our charity, Bright Northumbria, and governed by the Charitable Funds Committee, a sub-committee of the trust board.

20% of the proceeds raised from the lottery will be administered by the charity, of which 5% will be allocated to the staff health and wellbeing programme.

A new forum, the Staff Lottery Grant Allocation Group, has been set up to consider requests for funding. This forum will be chaired by a non-executive director.

Grant eligibility criteria

In order to qualify/apply for funding through the staff lottery grant scheme the initiative/project or equipment identified within the bid must meet the following criteria:

  1. each bid must clearly demonstrate a clear health or wellbeing focus for the wider community
  2. the fund may be used to purchase equipment which improves health outcomes for the wider community
  3. the fund may be used to support prime wellbeing projects on the understanding that funding will be time limited and that there would be an expectation from the users of the service to cover costs should the activities continue beyond the pilot period.
  4. the fund may be used to establish prime social engagement opportunities for those who are socially marginalised, however the same conditions apply as per point 3.
  5. the fund may be used to improve facilities used to support health and wellbeing in the community
  6. the fund must not provide sole benefit for an individual

Schedule of meetings

Following implementation of the staff lottery grant applications are expected to be invited two times each year, dependent on funds generated through the lottery for the charity. The Staff Lottery Grant Allocation Group will report to the Charitable Funds Committee.

Queries about the application process can be sent to

To apply for funding please complete the application form.