Frequently Asked Questions

About the lottery:

£1 per ticket. You are allowed to purchase a maximum of four tickets per person. Once you have signed up to participate and successfully purchased your ticket(s) the money will be deducted from your salary each month until you decide to withdraw from playing the lottery, you leave the trust or you enter a period of no pay.

The staff lottery is run as a small society lottery under the terms of the Gambling Act 2005 which specifically limits the proceeds from the staff lottery to a total of £250,000 per annum. Due to the number of employees eligible to participate in the staff lottery we have had to cap the number of tickets you will be able to purchase so that we will not exceed the limit.

Only employees of Northumbria Healthcare who are in receipt of a monthly salary payment are eligible to participate in the staff lottery. 

There will be a first prize winner and 10 smaller prize winners each month. However, it is worth noting that the prize fund will be dependent upon the number of people who participate in the staff lottery - the more people who play, the bigger the prizes.

In accordance with the small society rules, by which the trust must comply, 20% of the aggregate proceeds will be allocated to our charitable funds, 12.5% will be allocated for administration of the scheme, including maintenance of the staff lottery system and the remaining 67.5% of aggregate proceeds will be allocated to the prize fund.

We have automated the management of the staff lottery as far as possible to minimise resource and cost. Staff costs associated with the management of the lottery will involve employee queries, regulation (provision of a statement to the local authority), resolution of issues should they occur and system maintenance.

The lottery will be promoted via our internal communications including the intranet, the weekly staff update and through induction to all new employees.

Eligible staff are able to participate or leave the staff lottery at any time and will be asked to confirm that they have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions, part of which will refer to the gambling commission regulations. is also accessible on the website should people need to access it. Staff are reminded that support such as counselling will also be available at any time by contacting the trust's health and wellbeing department. 

15% of the aggregate proceeds will be disseminated to community based projects through our charity, Bright Northumbria, which will help patients and service users.

A large percentage (67.5%) of the proceeds collected will be disseminated to the prize fund. The prize fund total will be divided as follows:-

  • Half the total prize fund will be allocated to the first prize winner (jackpot); and
  • The remaining half of the prize fund will be further divided into 10 equal amounts for the smaller prize winners.

A staff lottery scheme will benefit the trust by helping to fund community based projects which will further improve the care we provide to patients and service users. It will also help to fund staff health and wellbeing initiatives which will be available to all employees of Northumbria Healthcare.

The charitable funds committee will be responsible for the regulation of the staff lottery scheme.


Click here to register. Once registered you will be able to log in and select the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

You must be 16 years or over to participate.

No, we recommend that you use an email address you check regularly as this is how we will communicate with you. This can be your work or personal account.

You can change your email address at any time, just click 'my account' when you are logged in. 

Payment of the staff lottery is via salary deduction only.

Payment for staff lottery ticket(s) is via salary deduction therefore you will need to be a paid employee of Northumbria Healthcare in order to participate.

As payment for staff lottery ticket(s) is via salary deduction from Northumbria Healthcare unfortunately staff employed by other organisations are unable to take part. 

All staff who are in receipt of a monthly salary from Northumbria Healthcare can participate in the staff lottery. This includes staff who are employed by subsidiary companies of Northumbria Healthcare such as NHFML and NPC.


My membership:

No – you will be randomly allocated a number(s) which will remain with you until you either leave the trust, enter a period of no pay or choose not to participate.

Your number(s) will be held on your profile under 'my account' on the website which is accessible when you are logged in.

You can increase or decrease the number of tickets you'd like in 'my account' (maximum four tickets per person per month). Please note, you must do this before the 5th of the month in order for your change to be actioned in time for the next draw. 

If you wish to terminate your membership of the staff lottery you can do so by logging onto the system and selecting the 'leave' button which can be found in 'my account'. This must be done before the 5th of the month in order to withdraw from the next draw, if it is done after the 5th of the month you will be entered into the next draw but will be removed from any future draws after that.

You can remain a participant of the staff lottery until you enter a no pay period. After a three month period of no pay your membership will be terminated but you can elect to re-join when you return to paid employment. However, please note that you will be allocated a different number at the point of re-entry to the staff lottery.

No, you will no longer be paid by the trust and therefore deductions from your salary will not be possible.

Yes. You can rejoin the staff lottery at anytime as long as you still meet the eligibility critera, however you will be allocated a different number at the point of re-entry. 

The draw:

The draw will take place on or just after the 1st working day of the month (depending on weekend and bank holidays).

The winning numbers are randomly generated from the system. A management representative responsible for the operation of the staff lottery will be present to invigilate the process and announce the winning numbers.

Winning numbers are randomly generated from the system.

The winnings:

There will be one main prize winner each month and 10 smaller prize winners. Allocated numbers will not be duplicated. If you have purchased more than one ticket however, you could potentially win more prizes. 

You could potentially win more than once a year. The system will randomly generate the winning numbers each month.

You will receive an email notifying you that you have won the staff lottery so please ensure you give us an email address you check regularly and keep this up-to-date, you can do this by clicking 'my account'. 

Prize winners will be paid via the finance department by a BACS payment to their bank account.

Yes. In the interest of ensuring the staff lottery scheme remains open and transparent we will publicise winners on the staff lottery website. Staff will be required to accept the rules which refers to publicising the winners, prior to being eligible to participate in the staff lottery.

The charity:

The money allocated to charitable funds will be for the purposes of supporting community based projects and staff health and wellbeing.

The process for deciding how the charitable funds will be disseminated will be determined by the charitable funds committee. Applications will be expected to meet specific criteria before being considered by the committee.

The money will be set aside and distributed accordingly dependent upon availability of funds and amount requested.

Applications can be made to the Staff Lottery Grant Allocation Group through a similar process to that which has been established for the site Charity Development Groups. The applications must match eligibility criteria to be considered. Application forms and information about eligibility can be found on the apply for funds page. If you are unsure about eligibility the charity office can be contacted by email on to answer queries about suitability of applications.