Where the money goes

A large percentage of proceeds (67.5%) will be paid out in cash prizes – there will be a first prize winner and 10 smaller prize winners each month. The total amount of money in the prize fund will depend on the number of staff who play the lottery - the more people who play, the bigger the prize fund.

By taking part in the staff lottery you will also be supporting community based projects and staff health and wellbeing initiatives as 20% of the proceeds will be given to these causes:

  • 15%  will be allocated to community based projects to further improve the care we provide to our patients and service users. This will be administered by Bright Northumbria to ensure proceeds go to the areas of greatest need. If you are a member of staff and you have an idea that can improve facilities or demonstrate a clear health or wellbeing focus on the wider community you may be able to apply for funds
  • 5% will be allocated to the staff health and wellbeing programme which will continue to provide support to staff on a range of topics including mental wellbeing, musculoskeletal issues, weight management, smoking cessation and physical activity, to name just a few. It will help us to provide more initiatives to more people and to improve staff experience in the workplace.

The remaining 12.5% of the proceeds will go towards the administration and operation of the staff lottery scheme.

Keep checking back on this page as we’ll be sharing some stories on how we have used the money raised.